Supergrid Instiute : new test plateform


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Arcel is one of the leading companies in the design and assembly of silicon carbide/mosfet high power converters.


Recently we have delivered a silicon carbide converter. This new test platform is a huge step forward for medium voltage and medium frequency applications related to the energy transition.


It is custom designed for our partner Supergrid Institute, as the major part of their Medium Frequency Transformer test platform,  ARCEL is proud to show our latest SiC assembly,

It is composed of 8 isolated AC/DC/AC converters in series. From the network, we have AC/DC converters, able to provide a very accurate DC link voltage to the 8 output H-Bridges. These H-bridges, connected in series, enable the assembly to provide the desired output shape at very high frequency/voltage/current.

Each leg is composed of 2 cab425m12xm3 (From Wolfspeed), in parallel, so the full assembly includes 32 modules in series/parallel.

We are able to provide to inductive loads square or sinus shape voltage, with up to 1.5kV peak, 500Arms and 100khz fundamental frequency.

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